Broad Fit

Destiny Rests on
Your Broad Shoulders


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Our Broad Fit is for bigger guys who are still looking for a great fitting shirt but need a little extra room, especially in the arms, shoulders and waist. The shirts are still darted to give them a tapered shape, but we lowered the armhole and increased the size in the waist. Our Broad Fit is currently our roomiest fit.

Obviously, take a look at our fit chart. Most guys that know their measurements can determine their size from it.

Our Broad Fit works especially well for guys with larger, more muscular arms or guys with particularly large shoulders; think weightlifters and linebackers. Since we opened up the waist on the Broad Fit, it also accommodates guys with larger waist sizes that might not normally feel comfortable in a more fitted shirt.

For a more fitted shirt, check out our Athletic Fit. Or head back to our Fit chart.

Broad Fit

A few real-world examples...

Brian wearing
Average/Broad Santorini

Jon wearing
Tall/Broad Rockefeller

Jordan wearing
Tall/Broad Punch Buggy

Mitch wearing
Tall/Broad Brummell's Preferred

Nardellis wearing
average/broad & Tall/Broad Biscayne

Sean wearing
Tall/Broad Carnegie

Sean wearing
Average/Broad Renegade Groomsman

Steve wearing
Tall/Broad Loire

William wearing
Tall/Broad Commish

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The Fit Finder Prepare for handsomeness

Hugh & Crye shirts are sized differently than the masses, based on the shape of a man's torso. With two questions, our FitFinder helps you determine your size. Shop over 100 styles, and receive your shirts within 2-4 days.

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First, let’s record
your height. Head up, shoulders back!

Adjust the handy slider to record your approximate height. You’re just one small step away from reaching your fit destiny.

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And last, we’ll
record your build. No two gentlemen are alike.

Puff out your chest with the pride of ten men, and from the selections below choose the physique that most suits you, you handsome devil.

  • Skinny_selected Skinny_selected
    Lean with a slighter bone structure and narrower shoulders.
  • Slim_selected Slim_selected
    Lean with shape. Neither skinny, nor muscle-bound.
  • Athletic_selected Athletic_selected
    Wider shoulders, chest and arms. V-shaped from shoulders to waist.
  • Broad_selected Broad_selected
    A man of generous proportions, mostly in the arms, chest and waist.
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