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For the Slender and Svelte

Our Skinny Fit is for guys who are just plain skinny. That is, guys who have a slighter bone structure, narrower shoulders, and a smaller drop from their chest size to waist size. Our Skinny Fit is the “skinniest" fit we offer, featuring a high arm hole and a very fitted cut through the chest, waist, and hips.

Most skinny guys do not have much “shape" through their torso, and our Skinny Fit shirts reflect this. The waist is slightly tapered to keep the shirt tucked in without any bunching of fabric. We also take height as a separate measure so that you never run into the problem of clownishly short sleeves.

First, take a look at our fit chart. Most guys who know their measurements can determine their size from it. Skinny Fit guys can also self-identify based on how they look in mass-brand “slim-fit" or “custom-fit" shirts. If you are still swimming in excess fabric in even the most “fitted" big-box shirts, the Skinny Fit is probably for you. Another problem that skinny guys often have is that they find a shirt that fits decently well through the body by sizing down, but then the sleeves or torso end up being way too short.

If our Skinny Fit sounds too skinny for you, check out our Slim Fit size. Or head back to our fit chart.

The Hugh & Crye Short Skinny Size The Hugh & Crye Average Skinny Size The Hugh & Crye Tall Skinny Size


Skinny Fit

A few real-world examples...

Patrick wearing
Average/Skinny Silo

Tim wearing
Short/Skinny Sequoia

Matt wearing
Tall/Skinny Seneca

Victor wearing
Short/Skinny Melville

Jeff wearing
Average/Skinny Berkley

Freddy wearing
Average/Skinny Biscayne

Jared wearing
Short/Skinny Aldrin

Gerard wearing
Tall/Skinny Willamette

Eli wearing
Short/Skinny Piedmont

Danny wearing
Average/Skinny Sal

Marcel wearing
Tall/Skinny Loire

Moti wearing
Average/Skinny Rushmore

DJ wearing
Average/Skinny Great Escape

Ben wearing
Short/Skinny Vanderbilt

Eddie wearing
Average/Skinny Ragtime

Still not sure if you're a Skinny Fit? Check out our overall fit chart, or move ahead to our Slim Fit size.