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Contoured to the Consummate Gentleman

Our Slim Fit is for leaner guys who are in good shape, and have a V-shaped torso where the chest and shoulder is larger than their waist. We use darts and a higher armhole to create a taper from the chest to the waist that leaves no excess fabric to bunch or billow.

Our Slim Fit has a larger V-shape than our Skinny Fit with more room in the chest and waist, but less than in our Athletic Fit.

First, take a look at our fit chart. Most guys who know their measurements can determine their size from it. Slim Fit guys can also self-identify by looking in their closet. Most likely, it's full of shirts from multiple big-brand retailers that are "okay," but don't really fit well. They may even be billed as slim-fit shirts, yet still billow in the back or bunch at the waist when tucked in. The shoulders and sleeves will often be too big.

For a more fitted shirt, check out our Skinny fit. Or, onward to our Athletic Fit, for guys with a bit more muscle mass. You can also head back to our fit chart.

The Hugh & Crye Short Slim Size The Hugh & Crye Average Slim Size The Hugh & Crye Tall Slim Size

Slim Fit

A few real-world examples...

Adam wearing
Short/Slim Chalky

Bryan wearing
Tall/Slim Santorini

Henry wearing
Average/Slim Rushmore

James wearing
Average/Slim Teton

Sabir wearing
Short/Slim Renegade Groomsman

James wearing
Short/Slim Shoomaker

Jeremiah wearing
Short/Slim Piedmont

Rob wearing
Short/Slim Senna

Carl wearing
Short/Slim Craven

Jim wearing
Average/Slim Vanderbilt

Joon wearing
Short/Slim Traveler

Philip wearing
Tall/Slim Bellevue

Still not sure if you're a Slim Fit? If you're looking for a more fitted shirt, check out our Skinny Fit. Or, if you've got a bit more muscle mass and a "V" like shape through your upper body, check out our Athletic Fit. You can also head back to our fit chart.