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Hugh & Crye shirts are sized differently than the masses, and are based on the shape of a man's torso. With two questions, our Fit Finder will determine your size.

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Head up, shoulders back!

Adjust the handy slider to record your approximate height. You’re just one small step away from reaching your fit destiny.

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No two gentlemen are alike.

Puff out your chest with the pride of ten men, and select the physique that most resembles yours.

  • Skinny selected

    Lean with a slighter bone structure and narrower shoulders.

  • Slim selected

    Lean with some shape. Neither skinny, nor muscle-bound.

  • Athletic selected

    Wider shoulders, chest and arms. V-shaped from shoulders to waist.

  • Broad selected

    A man of generous proportions, mostly in the arms, chest and waist.

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Your Perfect Fit Awaits.

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