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Responsible Consumption

Sourcing the best fabrics for men's dress shirts from the best mills

We're a new kind of retail company

Tech-enabled, direct-to-consumer, growth-minded. We're here to shake up the retail establishment along with its ridiculous margins and unsustainable practices that have an adverse environmental and social impact.

But deep down, we're a mom 'n pop

As a small company, we feel closely tied to both our local community in Washington, DC, and our global community of customers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Just as our community supports us, we feel the need to support our community.

How we give back

We believe that we make the best fitted shirts that money can buy, but we also understand that our clothes aren't for everybody (in fact, that's that's what our approach to sizing is all about). We also realize that our customers bought other shirts before they found us. Sometimes these shirts work great, but more often than not they're ill-fitting and end up in the back of closets, or worse yet, in landfills.

Give one, get one

Here's to an end to stockpiling and consuming! Instead of having your old dress shirts take up space, bring them to us. We'll give you 10% off your next order and donate the shirts on your behalf to Martha's Table where they'll find a new home with someone that can really use them. Not in DC? Don't worry, you can participate, too. Simply send a picture of you donating your old shirts to the local charity of your choice to [email protected].


As far we we can tell, everybody wins. We get to share a great fitting shirt with you for a great price. You get a closet full of dress shirts that fit. Both of us get to help out our communities by repurposing old shirts. 


Interested in learning more about how we do things? Check out our approach to responsible sourcing.