Anatomy of
a Dress Shirt

Anatomy of a Hugh and Crye Dress Shirt

What makes a Hugh & Crye shirt awesome?


- Removable collar stays keep collar points sharp and curl-free
- Two-ply 100% Egyptian cotton for a soft hand-feel
- Single-needle construction for an elegant look and stronger seams
- Contrast gussets
- Interlined collar to provide a crisp and perfect stand
- Pattern matching in striped shirts for continuous and cleaner lines
- Raised armhole aids movement and creates a more flattering look
- Tailored, flattering cut through the body
- Horizontal bottom button hole with contrast thread


We think the collar is the single most important component of a dress shirt. From the stand to the shape, we're obsessive about collar styles, and getting perfectly crisp look in each new style we introduce. Learn more about our shirt collars.


Who knew there were so many styles of cuffs beyond a simple "barrel" cuff and a "French" cuff? We love cuffs - the weight of them, their shape, whether they take links, and how they add a bit of personality to a classic dress shirt. A well made cuff makes all the difference. Learn more about our shirt cuffs.


All of our shirts are made from 100% Egyptian and Pima cotton, most in two-ply fabrics with up to 140s yarn counts, resulting in shirts that are both luxurious and durable. The fabrics have light, eco-friendly finishes that are soft but wash and iron easily. Learn more about the shirt fabrics we use.


We use single-needle construction for a cleaner look and stronger seam. The cuffs, collar and placket are interlined to give the shirt extra structure for a crisper, more professional look. They feature gussets which protect the seams from tearing and plastic buttons that are durable and beautiful but that won't leave you upset if the dry-cleaners lose them. Learn more about the construction of our dress shirts.


Our shirts are designed to fit the shape of your torso. We introduced a new-to-world sizing system based on the torsos of lean and athletically built men. Among many other features, we employ back darts to create a tapered feel through the body. Learn more about our approach to fit.


We choose styles that are both timeless and modern. We think trends are for suckers and you'll never find a Hugh & Crye shirt with a goofy logo or unnecessary flair. You won't look like every other guy on the street when you wear one of our shirts, but we mean that in a good way. We feel that nothing you wear should be louder than your own personality. You'll wear our shirts for years to come. Check out our various shirt styles.

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The Fit Finder Prepare for handsomeness

Hugh & Crye shirts are sized differently than the masses, based on the shape of a man's torso. With two questions, our FitFinder helps you determine your size. Shop over 100 styles, and receive your shirts within 2-4 days.

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your height. Head up, shoulders back!

Adjust the handy slider to record your approximate height. You’re just one small step away from reaching your fit destiny.

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And last, we’ll
record your build. No two gentlemen are alike.

Puff out your chest with the pride of ten men, and from the selections below choose the physique that most suits you, you handsome devil.

  • Skinny_selected Skinny_selected
    Lean with a slighter bone structure and narrower shoulders.
  • Slim_selected Slim_selected
    Lean with shape. Neither skinny, nor muscle-bound.
  • Athletic_selected Athletic_selected
    Wider shoulders, chest and arms. V-shaped from shoulders to waist.
  • Broad_selected Broad_selected
    A man of generous proportions, mostly in the arms, chest and waist.
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