Jobs At Hugh & Crye

Hey, we're hiring!
Simply put: we need a few more good people.

Hugh & Crye is a Washington, DC-based online retailer of better-fitting and inspired menswear. We've operated extremely lean (pun intended, ha!) and recognize the obvious: our continued growth depends on the bench strength of our team.

We're young enough to believe that anything is possible, yet experienced enough to know that business outcomes matter. Passion and the ability to get sh** done are two important traits we look for in all employees.

Our home: DC

We're headquartered in Washington, DC. To be clear, we're a startup that has nothing to do with clean tech, government contracts, or the corn lobby. We're located at 300 Tingey Street SE in The Yards.

Our trade: shirts++

Our mission is simple: provide men with the best shirts possible. We're obsessive about fit, fabric, construction, and design. We've expanded our product line beyond shirts to blazers and accessories, with more surprises to come in 2016.

Our culture: defying the odds

In a country defined by consumer choice, our shirts kick the butts of many alternatives. But our real strength lies in our culture. We're good people with a tireless work ethic, youthful curiosity, and an inherent passion for life. Sure, we hustle hard and work some late nights, but you can bet we're sharing beers afterward. We genuinely enjoy each other's company, so much so that we often spend our “off hours" together. We carry each other forward and all play a crucial part in the success of Hugh & Crye. Here, you'll make a difference, and have fun while doing it.

Opportunities abound!

We're hiring for the following roles, but know that your job title won't define all you can do at Hugh & Crye.

Application Process

Visit our job board. Passionate about something not listed here? Get in touch at [email protected] with the following: your resume, where you'd like to make an impact on the company, and why.