L'Enfant – Hugh & Crye - 1
L'Enfant – Hugh & Crye - 1
L'Enfant – Hugh & Crye - 2
L'Enfant – Hugh & Crye - 3
L'Enfant – Hugh & Crye - 4


Buggy-back two-button blazer in plaid check

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Between-seasons never felt better in a light-weight yet structured, partially-lined (buggy-back), slim-fitting Hugh & Crye blazer. In the 12 Hugh & Crye sizes that you've come to know and love.

The H&C Buggy Back Blazer is an incredible layering piece, and can be worn both in smart casual and professional occasions. In four understated, classic colorways, you?ll always fit right in.

This colorway is a black and charcoal plaid check.

Wear the L'Enfant blazer with solid poplins and a tie for a more refined look, or stripes and checks for an easier, yet polished feel. 

  • Hugh & Crye slim fit
  • Notched lapels and trim silhouette
  • Chest and two flap pockets
  • Double vents
  • Functioning cuffs ('surgeon cuffs' with working button holes)
  • Partially lined (buggy-back) for lighter feel and wearability
  • Lined sleeves (100% polyester)
  • Two button fastening
  • 60% wool, 40% polyester outer
  • Extra buttons included
Fits true to the Hugh & Crye size. Whatever your H&C shirt size is, that's your H&C blazer size. Not sure? Check out our FitFinder or give us a call 202-250-3807 or send us an email [email protected] We've got an army of stylists that would love to help you.

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