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Casual shirts, done right

Our casual shirt collection is perfect for wearing untucked

untucked dress shirt perfect length

To Tuck or untuck your shirt?

We get asked this question all the time from our customers - should I tuck in my shirt or leave it untucked? What's the rule here? Our take is two-fold: first, always try to tuck in a dress shirt or casual shirt you're wearing - anything that has a full placket (that's the strip of cloth that you use to button your shirt). Most button up shirts are cut a bit long, to help stay tucked in - and in that case, absolutely tuck the shirt in. If you don't it will hang pretty long and make you look like you're wearing a dress. Not a good look. The second rule here is that if you do desire to wear your shirt untucked, ensure that it's one that is designed for that purpose. Some shirts are cut a bit shorter - like our casual collection shirts or even our popovers - and they're designed to be worn untucked. The hem falls at the perfect place - usually in the middle of the zipper of your pants, with your pants pockets exposed, and partially covering the back pockets. One more point. With think it's important enough to mention again - generally speaking, tuck in your shirts. It's just too easy to look sloppy otherwise.

untucked shirt

Shirts meant to be worn untucked

Our casual collection shirts come in a variety of shirt fabrics and collars and were designed to be worn untucked. They're also cut from 100% Egyptian cotton from an Italian mill that has been certified for environmentally safe practices. It has a light wash finish to it to give a soft feel and to make it easy for ironing after a wash or when you're touching the shirt up before wearing. We recommend machine wash cold and line dry, though you can also have these shirts professionally laundered or dry cleaned as well.

The Casual Untucked Shirts collection was shot in Washington, DC, along H St NE corridor and inside The Apollo.


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