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Tall Fit Shirts

Our Tall Fit is for the 6'2 to 6'5 guy, who is still looking for a fitted shirt, but may need some extra length, especially in the torso and sleeves.

The shirts are darted to give them a tapered shape, and then we extended the overall torso length and increased the sleeve length to 35-36 to accommodate for your height.

Is Tall Fit right for you?

First, take a look at our fit chart. Most guys who know their measurements can determine their size from it. Our Tall Fit works especially well for guys with longer arms, or those with particularly longer torsos (think basketball players and swimmers).

The Tall Fit also accommodates those who like a little extra room in the sleeves or additional length in the hem while still getting a fitted overall look in the chest, arms, shoulders, and waist. Our 'Tall' is currently our tallest fit, and available in four sizes based on your torso shape, below:

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Tall Skinny Size Tall Slim Size Tall Athletic Size Tall Broad Size

Tall Fit Guys

A few real-world examples...

Philip in a Tall Slim fit shirt
Philip wearing
Tall/Slim Bellevue
Gerard wearing
Tall/Skinny Willamette
Kwame wearing
Tall/Broad Fitted T-Shirt
Jordan wearing
Tall/Broad Punch Buggy
Al wearing
Tall/Athletic Hagen
Matt wearing
Tall/Skinny Seneca

Still not sure whether you're a Tall Fit? Head back to our Fit Chart or try our Fit Finder to find your H&C size in 2 clicks.