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A Guide to Men's Dress Shirt Collars

Collars like you wouldn't believe

We believe in having a mix of collar styles. From deep cutaways to classic points and everything in between, we've got a style that works for any occasion you can imagine.

Other sites and menswear bloggers might suggest that you should get a collar that counter-balances your face - e.g., if you have a longer face, you should wear spread collars, or if you have a rounder face, you should wear a point collar. We think this is bogus. You should enjoy a collar that matches your own personal style, and not worry about following someone else's rules for what they feel might look good on you. The most important thing is to have a shirt that fits, everything else is personal preference.

A Guide to Men's Dress Shirt Collars
Tall Spread Collar

Our most formal collar. The formality comes in the form of a high collar band, and why we call this collar "tall." The higher collar band gives this collar an upright, formal stand, which is best worn under a blazer or suit jacket. Incredibly versatile collar that works great professionally or casually and with a variety of tie knots and sizes.

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Cutaway Collar

Our most popular collar, for good reason. It works with everything. The Cutaway Collar has a subtle Euro feel to it, and looks good with patterned or solid shirts. It can be dressed up or down - with a suit and tie, or with denim. We love it because it gives a subtle rakishness to any look that no other collar style has.

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Point Collar

Our most traditional collar, and often thought of as a more American collar. It has a narrower distance between the two collar points and when buttoned, a smaller enclosure for a tie knot.

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Button Down Collar

Our Button-Down Collar evolved after a tremendous amount of trial and error trying to find the right proportions. It's an incredibly common place collar, but it was important for us to get the height, roll and look and feel of the collar right. We landed on a medium sized collar that walks the line between modern and classic perfectly. It has just the right amount of interlining to have a perfect roll when worn casually or with a tie for a more prep inspired look.

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Club Collar

Inspired by the early 20th century, when rounded Eton or "club" collars were considered a classic mainstay of a man's wardrobe. Ours is simple and classic and has just enough interlining so that it sits perfectly under a jacket with a tie. We think it's a great twist on a traditional shirt.

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Deep Cutaway Collar

A bolder take on our regular cutaway. It's a larger collar with a very pronounced spread. It favors fuller tie knots but can be left unbuttoned for a debonair look. It also looks great done in a contrast white.

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Semi-Spread Collar

One of our favorite styles for dressier occasions. Think of it as a more traditional alternative to our cutaway styles. It has a wider collar blade that is particularly well-suited for wear with tie under a jacket.

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Casual-point Collar

This is a new collar style for us. Given it has less interlining and thus less structure, it is perfect for casual shirts, such as seasonal plaids, or work twills. The collar is reminiscent of workwear or utility shirts, made from tough fabrics such as twills.

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The Banded Collar

Often called a "Mandarin Collar" or "Nehru Collar" is one of our new collars. It is essentially a slimmer collar band, without a collar blade or fold to the collar. It's a pretty versatile collar, with the ability to be worn more formally, or incorporated into more everyday designs.

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