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Shirts made for your body type.

Better than 'custom'
12 unique sizes designed to flatter
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Fit Comes First

Fit is about feeling good when you button up your shirt in the morning. It isn’t about being on trend, it’s about being yourself. If something doesn’t quite fit - your body, your values, your character - it throws everything else off balance.

Proportions Matter

The archaic shirt sizing standards of collar and sleeve measurements do not factor in your height or your body type. Also, the labels Small, Medium and Large are better suited to moving boxes than menswear. We believe that a truly flattering fit must take into account all of your unique proportions.

Twelve New Sizes

We measured thousands of lean and athletic guys and discovered that a man’s height and his torso shape are the two key factors in determining a perfect fit. Amazingly, these two essential factors are routinely ignored when it comes to mass-produced menswear. This realization led us to create a totally new sizing system, including 12 sizes inspired by guys just like you and our commitment to better-fitting menswear.

Design Principles That Flatter

Through experimentation, adventures, epic fails and a few successes, we’ve developed a set of beliefs about how a shirts and blazers should fit, and how they should feel. A comfortable, flattering fit should not be an afterthought, it should be a guiding design principle. This is our philosophy for every new product we re-imagine.

(Real) Guys of All Shapes and Sizes

We Created Sizing
Based on Body Types

12 Unique Fits