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A Guide To Men's Blazer Construction

A Guide To Men's Blazer Construction

We consider ourselves to be menswear nerds here at Hugh & Crye. As such, we pay a lot of attention to the details when it comes to things like style, fit, fabrics, and construction. We believe that attention to detail is evident in our blazers.

A Guide To Men's Blazer Construction
Fusing vs. Canvas

Interlining, the layer between the the outer fabric and lining of the jacket, often signifies the quality and durability of a garment. There are two common methods used to adhere interlining to a blazer or suit jacket: fusing and cavas. During fusing, the interlining is bonded to the wool shell of the jacket in order to help preserve shape and structure. A canvassed blazer has layers of canvassing material, generally comprised of horsehair, hand-stitched onto the outer layer of the blazer. Our blazers are partially fused in the chest-piece and constructed with materials that offer the feel and wear of a canvassed blazer without the cost.

Inner Fabric / Lining

Not to be outshined by the outer fabric, it's the inner fabric lining that can add unique character to your style in unassuming ways. Our fully lined men's blazers use 100% polyester lining in a colorway that complements your style without shouting bold from the rooftops. Our half-lined blazers have minimal lining as the name suggests, to add support to the arms and shoulders.


The shoulders of our men's blazers are lightly padded to create a slightly sharper angle, which emphasizes the physique of the wearer. The padding is subtle, doesn't weigh down on the shoulders, and is incredibly comfortable.

Chest Piece

As mentioned previously, our men's blazers feature a fused chest piece that offers the relaxed feel of a canvassed blazer without the added expense. No stiffness or boxiness here, just wonderful drape and durability.