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A Guide To Men's Blazer Fabrics

A Guide To Men's Blazer Fabrics

While we spend a lot of time on fit and style, it's the fabric that can truly set a blazer apart from the rest. The reason is two-fold: wearability and style. Breathable-yet-durable fabrics ensure our blazers can be worn in all seasons and will continue to drape favorably on your torso for many years to come. Our mix of solids and subtle textures as well as bolder checks, keep your style fresh and versatile for any occasion.

A Guide To Men's Blazer Fabrics
100% Wool

Wool is an all-natural fiber that's breathable and resilient. When tightly packed, the crimped wool fibers create tiny pockets of air that allow the fabric to absorb and release moisture. This makes wool a classic choice for blazers and overcoats, as it is a natural insulator that's not stifling.

Poly Blend

Poly blends have rich textures, and combine the best characteristics of two fibers for ultimate wearability. Polyester is crease resistant and holds its shape well over time. Merge that with the insulating powers of wool, or the softness of viscose, and you have an all-season blazer that's worn with ease.

Brushed Cotton

This incredibly smooth variety of cotton undergoes a special brushing treatment that remove excess lint and fibers from the cotton. The process creates a smooth, soft finish.


Hopsack wool is lighter, and has a more loose or open weave, which in turn makes it more breathable. The weave also creates a very subtle square pattern that adds some texture to the fabric.


We use a variety of checks and plaids for our blazers. The mini check pattern consists of criss-crossing bands of colored yarn woven together to create a tiny checked pattern. Plaid is similar in the way that a cross-hatched pattern is created by weaving alternating bands of color.

Flannel (Brushed Wool)

Flannel wool is lightweight and drapes well on the body, making it a natural choice for men's blazers. It is also remarkably comfortable and soft with a slightly fuzzy finish.