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A Guide To Men's Blazer Lining

A Guide To Men's Blazer Lining

Whether it’s for casual layering or professional occasions, we carefully select the right lining for each of our designs. Explore the details of our half-lined, fully lined and unlined men's blazers, all designed for extreme wearability.

A Guide To Men's Blazer Lining
Half-Lined Men's Blazers

“Buggy-back," the name of our half-lined blazer, refers to the curved, two-piece polyester lining that overlaps across the back of the shoulders, inside the blazer. Half-lined gives just enough form and structure without the bulk often found in fully lined blazers. Because our buggy-back leaves the inside of the jacket exposed, we spent extra time making sure the inside looks as pristine as the outside.

Fully Lined Men's Blazers

A touch above half-lined blazers in terms of structure, our fully lined blazers are still lightweight and incredibly wearable. A breathable 100% polyester lining throughout helps support the structure of the blazer and keeps the wearer comfortably warm. The fully lined blazers is a perfect choice for smart casual or professional occasions.

Unlined Men's Blazers

Unlined blazers are completely “gutted," meaning the inside of the jacket doesn't have any lining. It's completely bare, showcasing the design and construction of the garment. The one exception is the sleeves, which are lined with 100% polyester. Our collection of brushed cotton blazers features this design and they are ideal for layering and more casual occasions.