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A brief history of the rolled button down OCBD

The button-down collar originated on the polo field, where players added a hidden button to hold the collar in place as they jockeyed during the match. It was there, apparently, that John E. Brooks, of Brooks Brothers fame, was inspired and decided to introduce this collar style to his customers. As time went on, so did the art of perfecting the "collar roll," the suave arc the collar makes between the base of the collar to the collar points. 

The Hugh & Crye Rolled Button Down

Drawing inspiration from this collar roll, we created a rolled collar that takes on the shape of a bell curve. Unlike other mass shirtmakers, the Hugh & Crye rolled button down does not come in a boxy size. It comes made to fit your build, letting you take on this Ivy style with a sleek and tailored look.

The Rolled Button Down collection was shot on O Street in Georgetown, near our retail store in Washington, DC.

The Collection