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Slim Fit Men's Shirts

Our Slim Fit is for leaner guys who are in good shape, and have a V-shaped torso where the chest and shoulder is larger than their waist. We use darts and a higher armhole to create a taper from the chest to the waist that leaves no excess fabric to bunch or billow.

Our Slim Fit has a larger V-shape than our Skinny Fit with more room in the chest and waist, but less than in our Athletic Fit.

Are you Slim Fit?

First, if you know your measurements, take a look at our fit chart. Slim Fit guys can also self-identify by looking in their closet. Most likely, it's full of shirts from multiple big-brand retailers that are "okay," but don't really fit well. They may even be billed as slim-fit shirts, yet still billow in the back or bunch at the waist when tucked in. The shoulders and sleeves will often be too big.

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The Hugh & Crye Short Slim Size The Hugh & Crye Average Slim Size The Hugh & Crye Tall Slim Size

Slim Fit Guys

A few real-world examples...

James in an Average Slim fit shirt
James wearing
Average/Slim Teton
Jeremiah in a Short Slim fit shirt
Jeremiah wearing
Short/Slim Piedmont
James in a Short Slim fit shirt
James wearing
Short/Slim Shoomaker
Jim in an Average Slim fit shirt
Jim wearing
Average/Slim Vanderbilt
Joon wearing
Short/Slim Traveler
Philip in a Tall Slim fit shirt
Philip wearing
Tall/Slim Bellevue
Pranav in an Average Slim fit shirt
Pranav wearing
Average/Slim Sal
Rob in a Short Slim fit shirt
Rob wearing
Short/Slim Senna
Sabir wearing a Short Slim fit shirt
Sabir wearing
Short/Slim Renegade Groomsman

Still not sure if you're a Slim Fit? If you're looking for a more fitted shirt, check out our Skinny Fit. Or, if you've got a bit more muscle mass and a "V" like shape through your upper body, check out our Athletic Fit. You can also head back to our fit chart.