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Skinny Fit Men's Shirts

Our Skinny Fit is for guys who are just plain skinny. That is, guys who have a slighter bone structure, narrower shoulders, and a smaller drop from their chest size to waist size. Our Skinny Fit is the “skinniest" fit we offer, featuring a high armhole and a very fitted cut through the chest, waist, and hips.

Our Skinny Fit shirts feature a waist that is slightly tapered to keep the shirt tucked in without any bunching of fabric. We also take height as a separate measure so that you never run into the problem of clownishly short sleeves.

Are you Skinny Fit?

First, if you know your measurements, take a look at our fit chart. Skinny Fit guys can also self-identify based on how they look in mass-brand “slim-fit" or “custom-fit" shirts. If you are still swimming in excess fabric in even the most “fitted" big-box shirts, the Skinny Fit is probably for you. Another problem that skinny guys often have is that they find a shirt that fits decently well through the body by sizing down, but then the sleeves or torso end up being too short.

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The Hugh & Crye Short Skinny Size The Hugh & Crye Average Skinny Size The Hugh & Crye Tall Skinny Size

Skinny Fit Guys

A few real-world examples...

Patrick wearing
Average/Skinny Silo
Tim wearing
Short/Skinny Sequoia
Matt wearing
Tall/Skinny Seneca
Victor wearing
Short/Skinny Melville
Jeff wearing
Average/Skinny Berkley
Freddy wearing
Average/Skinny Biscayne
Jared wearing
Short/Skinny Aldrin
Gerard wearing
Tall/Skinny Willamette
Eli wearing
Short/Skinny Piedmont

If our Skinny Fit sounds too skinny for you, check out our Slim Fit size. Or head back to our fit chart.