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A Guide to Men's Blazer Design

A Guide To Men's Blazer Design

When it comes to design, we approach blazers the same way we approach our shirts -- with a keen attention to detail and an emphasis on modern classic design. We're not big on trends, so you won't see floral fabrics under our shirt cuffs or silk dragons in the lining of our blazers. Think of our men's blazers as always being in style -- whether you're wearing them today or five years from now, whether you're 25 or 65.

A Guide to Men's Blazer Design
Two-Button Enclosure

We designed our men's blazers with a two-button enclosure. Why? Well, a one-button enclosure feels a bit too mod and fashion forward, and a three-button enclosure (unless it's a three-roll-two, for the #menswear geeks out there) feels very Michael Jordan to us. Two-button blazers (and jackets and suits) should always be worn with the top button fastened, and the bottom button left undone.

Double Vents

A common feature in the British sartorial tradition of suiting, double vents are the slits in the rear tail of our blazers. We like the symmetry, but also the functionality. Double vents originate from the need to have a jacket rest more naturally on the hindquarters of a horse when traveling. Though we’re not on horseback very often, we do appreciate how our blazers don't bunch up when we retrieve something from our pockets.

Working Cuffs

Our men's blazers have cuffs that are functioning—a sartorial detail from Savile Row known as “surgeon cuffs." These cuffs allowed physicians the ability to roll up their sleeves to work on a patient without having to remove their coats, and were considered a refined sartorial touch that was lacking in the jackets worn by laborers at the time. Today, working cuffs give a bespoke feel and look to the blazer.


Blazer and suit jacket lapel widths vary depending on style and cut. Our men's blazer designs have a 2.5" notched lapel—not too slim or wide. This allows you to proportionately wear 2" to 3" ties, and provides the ideal amount of space for lapel pins. This width also carries a continuity with the slim cut of our blazers. The notch lapel is a classic touch, and is slightly more conservative than a peak lapel.


Our fully lined and half-lined blazers have a single breast pocket and two flap pockets. All pockets are working, with baste stitching that should be opened with care. Once open, the flap pockets can be worn with the flaps out for a more casual look, or tucked into the pocket for a polished look. Our cotton blazers have a single breast pocket and two rounded patch pockets attached to the outer lining of the blazer.