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Popovers: Available in Five Sizes

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At Hugh & Crye, our unique approach to fit led us to develop 12 distinct sizes for our dress shirts and blazers. This sizing system has proven to be hugely popular and it is one of our brand’s defining elements.

Now, we are introducing two new collections of popovers -- and for these, the sizing is slightly different. The design for both our collarless, short-sleeved indigo popover and our long-sleeved madras button-down popover is a bit looser and less structured. (What is a popover shirt?) As a result, the sizing for this collection only has been simplified and reduced to just five sizes:

  1. Skinny
  2. Slim
  3. Athletic
  4. Broad
  5. Big

We have simply removed the height component, and added one extra size – big – for those who want a little more roominess. So, if you are a Short/Slim, Average/Slim or Tall/Slim in our dress shirts, you’ll simply be a Slim in a popover. And with a variety of solids, checks, and stripes in easy-to-wear tones, we think there's something in here you'll really love.

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