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How To Choose The Right Undershirt Color

There could be a problem with your undershirt

If you're like some guys, you wouldn't wear a dress shirt without an undershirt worn proudly underneath. While we won't debate the pros and cons here, there's something you need to know: color matters. Even though undershirts are normally completely covered with clothing, they have a nasty habit of showing up when you don't even know it.


Choosing the right undershirt color

Most guys wear white undershirts and don't look back. Whether you prefer the low profile tank-top style, a v-neck, or crew-neck, the color matters. Here's why: have you ever worn a crisply ironed, white poplin dress shirt? No matter your skin color, that white undershirt's outline is going to show right through the fabric of your dress shirt. It's not a great look, yet lots of guys try to get away with it.

The solution. Wear heather-grey undershirts when you wear white dress shirts. It's that simple. You can keep wearing white undershirts with all other shirts if you wish, but switching to grey will keep that undershirt totally hidden under your classic, white dress shirts. Not only will you look great, but you'll feel confident knowing that you shirt is showing its best self.