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How to Roll Up Your Sleeves

How to roll up your dress shirt sleeve

There are a few different ways to roll up your sleeves. For simplicity’s sake, we’re going to focus on the two easiest ones. The main difference of these two rolls is how far the roll goes up your arm.

The mid-arm roll

For this roll, you want to unbutton your cuff button on your shirt and start to roll up your sleeve. It is important that you keep your sleeve-placket button (the small button on the sleeve placket) buttoned, since this will keep your roll from being too flappy. Typically, the mid-arm cuff roll takes two or three rolls before getting too tight between the sleeve placket button and your forearm. This is a nice sophisticated look for at work or more formal events.

The mid-arm roll

The high-arm cuff roll

This cuff roll requires you to roll the sleeve up higher than your elbow and sometimes can include rolling the sleeve before you put it on, since the elbow can be tricky. For this roll, your sleeve placket button needs to be unbuttoned. It usually takes 5 or 6 rolls to get past your elbow to the base of your bicep. This is a great alternative if you are about to get your hands dirty or are engaging in an activity where your sleeve might get caught on something.

How to roll your dress shirt sleeve up to the mid-arm roll