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How to Wear an Untucked Shirt

How to wear an untucked dress shirt office style

As offices across the country become more casual and workplaces are ditching the suit and tie look, men are redefining the term “business casual.” These days wearing an untucked shirt to work or a nicer restaurant is often considered the norm. There are however some steps to making sure the untucked look does not get sloppy.

How to wear a dress shirt or button-down untucked

How to wear a dress shirt untucked?

The length of the dress shirt is important when wearing a shirt untucked. The most common faux pas is the shirt being too long and thus looks like a dress. It’s important for the dress shirt to fall underneath the belt line and above the inseam and/or the back pockets. At Hugh & Crye, we aim to have our shirts fall halfway down the zipper (or button fly) of your pants to ensure that you’re showing a little front pocket, but also still covering the belt line. 

How to wear a button-down untucked?

Dressing It Up

At Hugh & Crye, we often wear an untucked dress shirt with a blazer to make the outfit look a little more sophisticated or formal. The blazer or sportcoat serves as a structured garment that raises the formality of the entire outfit, even if everything else is casual.

How to wear an untucked shirt work business casual