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A Primer on Men's Point Collar Dress Shirts

Dignified Simplicity
Tall-point Collar

The point collar is by far the most popular and widely manufactured collar style when it comes to men’s dress shirts. Perhaps a bit more conservative than other options, it remains both stylish and timeless without drawing too much attention to itself. Think of it as having a dignified simplicity.

The origins of the point collar can be traced to the military uniforms of the early twentieth century, and because the collar was simple, functional and stylistically neutral, it quickly became a favorite among shirt manufacturers looking for a style that would appeal to the masses. Today, it’s considered a traditional, American look that transitions easily from day to night, with or without a tie.

The narrower distance between the two collar points – usually around three inches, sometimes less -- makes the point collar ideal for a slim to medium tie, and less suitable for a particularly oversized tie knot. 

At Hugh & Crye, we use point collars in both our Casual and Professionals collections, and we also offer a smaller, casual point collar on some of our more relaxed, informal shirts. The casual point has a shallower collar blade, and less interlining which means it has less structure and stiffness, which makes it a nice alternative when it comes to seasonal plaids or work twills.

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Examples of Point Collars
Point collar dress shirt with tie
Classic look

A point collar shirt is perfectly suited for a straight tie, a narrow tie, a bow tie, or no tie whatsoever.

Point collar shirt with a tie and blazer
All buttoned up

Effortlessly stylish with a tie, a point collar can be dressed up with a blazer or worn on its own.

Casual point collar in plaid
The Casual Point Collar

When the weekend beckons and you want a comfortable and relaxed look, without forsaking style.