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A Primer on Men's Semi-Spread Collar Shirts

Two Variations on a Theme
Semi-spread Collar

The spread collar first became fashionable among English royals and Hollywood stars in the early part of the twentieth century. With its collar points angled out at around 45 degrees, it was the perfect design to accommodate the oversized tie knots that were in style at the time.

Simply put, a spread collar is wider than a point collar, but not as extreme as a cutaway collar. The collar points are roughly the same length as a point collar, but the distance between the points is where the difference comes in. The tips of a standard point collar are usually about three inches apart, whereas those of a spread collar tend to be around five inches apart.

Our small-spread collar is an elegant, understated choice that is very versatile. It is somewhat minimalist given its shallow collar blade and crisp, clean lines, and that is precisely what makes it go so well with either a formal or casual blazer.  With or without a tie, it doesn’t compete, and it doesn’t overwhelm. What it does do is elevate the style of whatever you’re wearing.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, our semi-spread collar falls right in between our tall-spread and small-spread collars. It has the same, wider point spread and a wider collar blade than the small-spread. A more traditional alternative to a cutaway collar, it is a particularly good choice for dressier occasions or for professional events. Not too tall, not too short, this the Goldilocks of all collars – just right.

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Examples of Semi-spread Collars
semi spread collar with tie on a men's dress shirt
The Semi-spread

All the best qualities of a spread collar in perfect proportion for dressier occasions. Perfect with a tie.

Semi spread collar on a men's dress shirt
The Small-spread

Quietly elegant, smooth and refined, this collar suggests a touch of minimalism with its crisp, clean line.

Semi-spread collar on a men's dress shirt

While both the small-spread and semi-spread collar look great with a tie, they look equally elegant without.