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A Primer on Tall-Spread Collar Shirts

Take an Upright, Formal Stand
Tall-spread Collar

In the early part of the twentieth century, the spread collar became a popular choice among English royals and Hollywood A-listers, and it’s never really gone out of style since. With the collar points angled apart at roughly 45 degrees, it allowed for the wide tie knots that were in style at the time, and is still considered a modern and stylish choice.

A spread collar is wider than a point collar, but not as extreme as a cutaway collar, the angle of which may be practically horizontal. The length of the collar point is roughly the same for a spread and a point collar, but the distance between the points is what defines the style. The tips of a standard point collar are usually about three inches apart, whereas those of a spread collar tend to be around five inches apart, which accounts for the angle of the collar.

Our “tall” spread collar is our most formal-looking due to its higher collar band. The taller band gives it a more upright, formal stand, which looks best under a blazer or suit jacket. Additionally, the angle of the collar creates an elegant line as the collar points end just as they meet the lapels of the jacket.

The height and firmness of our tall spread collar ensures that it won’t sag or droop beneath the lapels of the jacket. It is a timeless option, that works in both professional and casual situations, with or without a tie.

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Examples of Tall-spread Collars
tall spread collar on a men's dress shirt
With Tie and Jacket

The height and structure adds a touch of elegance when worn with a jacket and tie.

Tall spread collar relaxed and unbuttoned
A Relaxed, Open Collar

An excellent option when you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, yet still maintain of touch of elegance.

Tall spread collar with blazer from the side
Where Collar Meets Lapel

The wide spread of the collar creates an elegant, clean line when the collar points meet the jacket lapel.