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Responsible Sourcing

Responsible sourcing of fabric for better fitting men's clothing

Taking a stand

The great thing about starting your own company is that you get to decide how things are done. We create a garment with superior fit, quality, and construction at a fair price, but we also do it responsibly. That means considering how our business effects the planet and the people on it. To us, traditional apparel manufacturing is plagued with unsustainable clothing and manufacturing practices that have an adverse impact on the environment and society.

Hugh & Crye takes great care to minimize the environmental impact of our shirts for the people who make and wear them. Beyond delivering a beautiful product, our major concern with offshore production was partnering with a manufacturer that didn't treat their people or environment well. It was (and is) vital that every production partner of ours takes sustainable manufacturing very seriously. The same efforts go into making our clothing easy to wear again and again with minimal care.

We're proud of where and how our shirts are made. Here's why:

Reputable Suppliers

Our suppliers—from the mills where we get our fabrics to the manufacturers that make them—are all family-owned businesses that have been doing great work for generations. All of our fabrics are sourced from established sellers and are milled without the use of harmful chemicals or additives.

Safe Work Environments

Our shirts are manufactured in certified clean and safe working environments. All of the photos you see on this page are from where our shirts are made, and you'll find more on our blog. Our mills meet the ISO 14001 standard, indicating a dedication to continually improving environmental performance.

Thoughtful Fabrics

The fabrics we use all adhere to the Oeko-Tex standard—a certification process that ensures textiles are free from a wide array of harmful chemicals, allergens, heavy metals, pesticides, and other nasty substances that you want nowhere near your precious skin. This is good news for the artisans who weave our fabrics and the workers in our factory who sew our shirts. As part of their finishing, all Hugh & Crye shirts undergo a light, environmentally friendly wash that protects our high thread count fabrics. The wash also makes it easier to iron your shirts on laundry day.

Certified Facilities

We work with manufacturers that are certified by one or both of the following organizations:

Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, aka WRAP, is a non-profit headquartered near us in Arlington, VA. WRAP is “dedicated to the certification of lawful, ethical, and humane manufacturing" and certifies under several principles, including: compensation and benefits, hours of work, environment, prohibition of forced labor, and prohibition of child labor..

Business Social Compliance Initiative, or BSCI, is headquartered in Brussels and is focused on improving the working conditions of factories worldwide.


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