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Unbreakable dress shirt buttons

The buttons are the problem

Many guys know this problem all too well. You pick up your laundry from the cleaners only to discover once you're home that one of your buttons is broken – sometimes more than one! While it's rare for the button to be completely missing, some part of it is still sewn on to the shirt making it possible but undesirable to do the shirt up properly.

It's easy to blame the cleaner's process for this, since they use heavy machinery to press out your shirt after a wash, however the problem is actually the buttons themselves. Just like shirt fabrics, quality is everything. There is one particular detail that we favor over most in our dress shirt construction: mother-of-pearl buttons.


Mother-of-pearl buttons are a wonderful thing

Buttons made with Mother-of-pearl are a hallmark of a quality dress shirt, namely because of their unique look, but most importantly their increased utility. The unique composition of "MOP," also known as nacre, makes them virtually impossible to crack under the huge pressure of an industrial laundry press machine, or anything else you can throw at your dress shirt.

Harvested from the iridescent layer of material that forms the shell lining of creatures like many mollusks, Mother-of-pearl can come in many color variants, however a brilliant white is the most flattering on a men's dress shirt.


Unbreakable buttons are now standard

Our Classic Collection of shirts exclusively use unbreakable Mother-of-pearl buttons as we feel this is necessary for the shirts you'll wear most in your weekly lineup. Whether you take your shirts to the cleaners or do you own laundry at home, these buttons will last beyond the lifetime of the shirt (think decades). Never worry about a cracked button again.