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When to dry clean or launder your shirts

At Hugh & Crye, we're often asked about whether to dry clean dress shirts, or to launder them at home. Here are some tips to consider and help make this decision.

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Dry clean (professional clean) your shirts if...

Important Note: that when we say "dry clean" we're referring to having your shirts professionally cleaned, yet still laundered. We do not recommend actually dry cleaning your 100% cotton Hugh & Crye shirts. Dry cleaning doesn't actually clean the garment as effectively as laundering (washing) the garment does - especially related to where dirt accumulates, around the collar especially.

  • You need an absolutely crisp shirt with no wrinkles. 
  • The price to launder a shirt isn't ridiculously high (or conversely, money is of no concern to you) 
  • It works with your lifestyle - i.e., your commute to work, your errand cycles, etc.
  • You don't have time to iron your shirts

Launder your shirts if...

  • You're not going to throw your 100% cotton dress shirts in the dryer - which will shrink them, and damage finer yarn count cotton fabrics over time
  • Related, you understand how washing a shirt is just fine, but plan to hang dry them
  • You want to pre-treat the collar or other areas that have gotten particularly dirty
  • You enjoy the meditative act of ironing your shirts - especially if you know how to do it right