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How to wash your dress shirt at home

Step 1:

Always remove the collar stays before you launder your shirts, they're super important for maintaining a crisp, straight collar. Unbutton all the buttons on the shirt, including those on the cuffs and the collar.

Step 2:

The best way to get rid of collar ring (the stains on the inside of a collar) is to pre-treat the collar with by rubbing detergent or stain remover into the collar and letting it sit for a while before laundering. Doing this with every wash will keep collar ring from becoming a problem.

  • If you have particularly sweaty, musty or smelly shirts, soak your shirts in a mixture of borax and white vinegar. You can do this in the washer and then run them through the wash cycle. Your shirts will come out fresh and odorless.

Step 3:

Wash with a mild detergent on a cold cycle, making sure to wash similar colors together (You can wash the whites on warm).

Step 4:

Once washed, hang the shirts up to dry in your closet, the bathroom, or outside -- wherever you have space really. Do this as quickly as possible to prevent the shirts becoming musty.


Avoid the dryer at all costs. Heat is the enemy of all cotton garments. The heat fundamentally changes the cotton in the weave, noticeably causing the sleeves to shorten and changing how the shirt feels when worn.

Most washers have a spin cycle that gets most of the water out of the shirt. If not, go ahead and give the shirt a squeeze after washing to get the excess water out.