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H&C Collar Stay

$ 2.50

H&C Collar Stay – Hugh & Crye - 1 H&C Collar Stay – Hugh & Crye - 2 H&C Collar Stay – Hugh & Crye - 3 H&C Collar Stay – Hugh & Crye - 4 H&C Collar Stay – Hugh & Crye - 5 H&C Collar Stay – Hugh & Crye - 6 H&C Collar Stay – Hugh & Crye - 7

H&C Collar Stay

$ 2.50

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Hugh & Crye "3D" accessories are printed on demand, using a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer, in our studio here in Washington, DC. Included in your order are 2 collar stays of your choice, in either 5cm or 6cm lengths. The shorter 5cm length is suitable for the following collar styles: cutaway, small spread; while the longer 6cm length is suitable for the tall point, tall spread, and semi-spread collar styles.

Hugh & Crye + Makerbot
You've asked for collar stay replacements, and we decided to go one step cooler. Now, you can order collar stays right here on our site, and we'll print them on demand using our Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer.

Wait. What is a collar stay?
Collar stays are the little pointed pieces of plastic that you slide into the underside of your collar, to keep it from curling or rolling during wear. They're amazing little devices when used properly, and equally easy to lose in the wash or who-knows-where.

What we love about these collar stays
The PLA material we use for our collar stays is just malleable enough. They have just enough 'give' so that they effectively hold their shape without snapping and breaking as typical plastic collar stays do. Yet they won't weigh down your collar in a way that some heavier metal collar stays tend to.

How does it work? Like magic.
In your set of two Hugh & Crye 3D printed collar stays, one collar stay will have our logo on it. The other can be printed with any message of your choice, up to 16 characters. Once we receive your order, we design your collar stays, load up the Makerbot with white or gold 1.75mm PLA filament, and let the machine work its magic. And it really does feel like magic. We typically ship orders within 2-3 days of receiving, and you can also pick them up from our store in Washington, DC. Questions? Call us at a 202-250-3807, or email

Note: This product (the H&C collar stay) includes two collar stays with our logo on both.



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