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Bodhi – Hugh & Crye - 1 Bodhi – Hugh & Crye - 2 Bodhi – Hugh & Crye - 3


White pocket square with tribal pattern

$ 20.00


We're incredibly proud to introduce a new limited run of Made in the USA pocket squares in a variety of unique fabrics with gold thread. Show the world the true you with our collection of Hugh & Crye pocket squares inspired by jargon, another defining aspect of your life that makes you one of a kind.

Awaken a new sense of style with the Bodhi. Inspired by the jargon for enlightenment, our Bodhi will be a path to a better outfit and a more fulfilled life.

Wear it in the breast pocket of your favorite blazer, or set it in the back pocket of your favorite pair of denim. Either way, you’ll find it’s a conversation starter.


  • 11" pocket square
  • 100% cotton
  • Printed fabric
  • Hand stamped labels
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited run


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