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$ 25.00

Leaf – Hugh & Crye - 1 Leaf – Hugh & Crye - 2


$ 25.00



The Leaf tie is part of our new, limited run collection of Square-End Ties made from 100% cotton hand block printed fabrics. The ties are cut in a stylish 2" width, giving it a slim profile reminiscent of the early 1960s.The Hugh & Crye Square-End Tie is the most deliberately casual tie you'll ever own. That its tip isn't pointed is probably the first indication. The patterns are unique - printed onto yards of cambric cotton by hand, using wooden blocks or custom screens - a process that dates back to the 1500s. We've sourced the cottons from India, Japan, and South Korea, and the designs range from mosaic and geometric patterns, to florals and solid piece dyed colors.The fabrics have a wonderfully soft hand feel and body to them, and have enough structure to knot up beautifully and retain their shape over time. We're fans of the four-in-hand and half windsor knots for this tie, layered with a cardigan, sweater or jacket, of contrast textures and patterns.


  • 2" slim width
  • Square-end
  • 54" length
  • 100% hand block printed cotton
  • Indigo dye
  • Limited production run




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