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Ep 8: Providing a tech-saavy solution to gourmet food delivery with Alan Clifford of Galley

Alan Clifford, co-founder of gourmet food delivery app Galley and a former LivingSocial exec, talks about balancing supply and demand as a young startup, approaching recruiting like a marketing problem, and bridging the gap between tech and food startup.

Now the second LivingSocial alum to be featured on The Protagonist, Alan Clifford was one of the first employees at the deals company almost six years ago (back when it was Hungry Machine). During his time there, Alan went from product manager to head of HR to consumer marketing VP. Now, he's ready to forge his own path in the startup world as the co-founder of Galley, a new gourmet food startup that delivers fresh, chef-prepared meals at affordable prices. While the company is relatively new, they've seen considerable growth over the last five months.

In this episode, we talk to Alan about lessons learned at LivingSocial, and how Galley is redefining "delivery food" using quality, convenience, and incredible customer experience.

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Galley Foods

Everything is going to be a challenge, nothing is going to come easy. And if it's coming easy to you, then you're probably not doing something right.

Galley Foods

A big reason why [we're] owning the entire process from sourcing all the way through how it gets because it's a much better customer experience.

Find out more about Galley at or download the app. Photo by Laura Metzler. You can reach The Protagonist @hughandcrye, #theprotagonist.