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The Protagonist Podcast » interviews

Welcome to The Protagonist, a new podcast
from Hugh & Crye, featuring interviews
with entrepreneurs and inspiring individuals
who champion change.

Ep 14: Building The Netflix of Stock Video Footage With Joel Holland of VideoBlocks

Joel Holland, founder of VideoBlocks, talks about establishing a Netflix-style, members only site for stock video, cultivating office culture around both long and short term goals and weighing the intangibles behind successful venture funding.

Ep 13: Growing beyond the kitchen to create a lifestyle brand with Erik Bruner-Yang of Maketto

Erik Bruner-Yang, owner and head chef of DC Based Restaurants Toki Underground and Maketto, talks about finding his place among the DC food scene, celebrating the importance of the neighborhood ramen shop and expanding his brand to something beyond the kitchen.

Ep 12: Using data and analytics to disrupt legislation and regulation with Tim Hwang of FiscalNote

Tim Hwang, founder of FiscalNote, talks about creating a critical product for every office and organization, fostering a transparent political and legal system and exploring new avenues for corporate growth.

Ep 11: How a school experiment became a way to fight food waste with Kavita Shukla of Fenugreen

Kavita Shukla, founder of social enterprise Fenugreen and creator of FreshPaper, talks about overcoming self-doubt as an entrepreneur, approaching partnerships thoughtfully, and the grassroots movement that brought FreshPaper to market.

Ep 10: Empowering health and wellness one meal at a time with Patrick Smith, Founder of Power Supply

Patrick Smith, co-founder of Power Supply, talks about the intersection of health and wellness, authentic company values, and the criteria and motivations for West Coast expansion.