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Ep 11: How a school experiment became a way to fight food waste with Kavita Shukla of Fenugreen

Kavita Shukla, founder of social enterprise Fenugreen and creator of FreshPaper, talks about overcoming self-doubt as an entrepreneur, approaching partnerships thoughtfully, and the grassroots movement that brought FreshPaper to market.

Fenugreen is an emerging social enterprise a decade in the making. Inspired by a trip to visit her grandmother in India, Kavita invented what would become the "ingenious" FreshPaper—sheets infused with organic spices that extend the life of fruits and vegetables. After struggling for years to find support in the non-profit world, Kavita took her creation to the local farmer's market. It was there that she learned that FreshPaper had a place in the U.S. and global markets as a tool to fight food spoilage and waste. Today, FreshPaper can be found in Whole Foods, Wegmans, and soon Bed Bath & Beyond stores across the country.

In this episode, we talk to Kavita about the origins of FreshPaper, the challenges that almost caused her to give up on her invention, and how she has learned to say "yes" more in order to grow her company.

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Even the best ideas written up in a paper or left in a lab aren't useful if they're not out there in the world.

[With Starting] a nonprofit it's very hard to get people to invest their money in what seems like a very risky, disruptive idea.

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