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Ep 10: Empowering health and wellness one meal at a time with Patrick Smith, Founder of Power Supply

Patrick Smith, co-founder of Power Supply, talks about the intersection of health and wellness, authentic company values, and the criteria and motivations for West Coast expansion.

Patrick Smith, a developer turned entrepreneur, began Power Supply as a personal exploration into the improvement of his own health and wellness. With no prior experience in the food service industry, Patrick leveraged his tech background to create a system of independent chefs committed to producing weekly offerings of highly nutritious, single-serving meals. With successful growth into the DC CrossFit, yoga, and broader fitness communities, Power Supply has now turned its attention to expansion into Los Angeles.

In this episode, we talk to Patrick about his own motivation for starting Power Supply, and how his founding principles guide the simple company ethos of awesome chefs, ready-to-eat meals, and continued health and wellness.

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Power Supply Protagonist

For me, Power Supply is a really awesome combination of being able to build a high growth, highly scalable company along with making a difference in the world.

Power Supply Patrick Smith Protagonist

[Power Supply] attracts people that are rethinking their relationship between themselves and the world around them with fitness and nutrition.

Power Supply Protagonist

Find out more about Power Supply at and contact Patrick @ptrcksmth. You can reach The Protagonist @hughandcrye, #theprotagonist. In this episode, Patrick mentions a couple books including Tribes by Seth Godin, Getting to Plan B by John Mullins and Randy Komisar, and Drive by Dan Pink.