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Ep 12: Using data and analytics to disrupt legislation and regulation with Tim Hwang of FiscalNote

Tim Hwang, founder of FiscalNote, talks about creating a critical product for every office and organization, fostering a transparent political and legal system and exploring new avenues for corporate growth.

Tim, an internet entrepreneur and politician, began FiscalNote through an accelerator program during his final year at Princeton during the Summer of 2013. His work founding the National Youth Association and serving on the board of the Board of Education for the Montgomery Public School System helped Tim to identify a void in the public's understanding of legislative decisions and implications. From working out of a Motel 6 for three months to securing funding from Mark Cuban, Tim has grown FiscalNote into a robust legal analytics platform with seemingly endless opportunity for growth.

In this episode, we talk to Tim about his personal interest in the intersection of Government and Technology as the impetus for starting FiscalNote, as well as his daily life and the nuances of running a multimillion dollar startup at 23.

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The Obama campaign in many respects was probably one of the fastest growing startups in history.

Number one, basically we said, look, no matter what happens to this company we'll always still be friends.

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