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Ep 3: How startup teams are like families with Dan Berger, founder of Social Tables

Dan Berger, the CEO and founder of Social Tables, talks about being inspired by meetings, creating "founding moments," and treating teams like family.

In the lobby of their Chinatown office, a gold bamboo banquet chair is mounted on the wall, surrounded by lanyards and passes from hundreds of events made possible by Social Tables—the DC-based startup that is disrupting the event planning industry with cutting-edge software. At the helm of it all is Dan Berger, who founded the company just four years ago.

In this episode, Dan Berger talks about the power of meetings; creating "founding moments" at Social Tables; and how the employee-employer relationship should be a partnership rooted in professional and personal development.

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Dan Berger of Social Tables

My whole life I've kind of been infatuated with bringing people together.

Social Tables Team

Maximizing opportunities for learning and development - that's my number one job. I don't give a sh** about anything else. As long as I've helped people realize their potential and continue to impress themselves. That's what I care about.

Social Table Offices in DC

Dan can be reached at @danberger. Social Tables at @socialtables and The Protagonist: @hughandcrye, #theprotagonist.

In this episode, Dan references The Alliance by Reid Hoffman, Jack Dorsey's concept of founding moments, and a Harvard Business Journal article, Making Business Personal, co-written by Robert Kegan.

The first two images are courtesy of Social Tables, and the third is from The Muse.