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The Protagonist Podcast » hugh and crye

Welcome to The Protagonist, a new podcast
from Hugh & Crye, featuring interviews
with entrepreneurs and inspiring individuals
who champion change.

Ep 6: What it means to be a serial entrepreneur with Eric Koester of Main Street Genome & Zaarly

Eric Koester, founder of Main Street Genome and Zaarly, talks about serial entrepreneurship, how Zaarly went from idea to app in a matter of weeks, and his dedication to the small business economy.

Ep 5: Pivoting from a marketplace business model with Sam Pollaro, CEO of Venga

Sam Pollaro, CEO of Venga, talks about pivoting his second startup, the yin and yang between co-founders, and learning the value of "hire slow, fire fast" the hard way.

Ep 4: Leaving big-agency life & branding lessons from Bill Murray with Colin Moffett of Artemis Ward

Colin Moffett, managing partner of Artemis Ward, talks about year-one as a new digital agency, staying relevant in the "Wild West" world of modern marketing, and what brands can learn from Bill Murray.

Ep 3: How startup teams are like families with Dan Berger, founder of Social Tables

Dan Berger, the CEO and founder of Social Tables, talks about being inspired by meetings, creating "founding moments," and treating teams like family.

Ep 2: How mindfulness makes you a better founder with Allen Gannett, CEO of TrackMaven

Allen Gannett, founder and CEO of TrackMaven, a competitive intelligence tool for marketers, on the importance of trust between team members at a startup and how mindfulness makes you a better founder and manager.