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Inspired by Maritime Novels

The soft sound of lapping waves, the taste of sea salt on your tongue, a palpable sense of adventure ahead. The ocean has inspired many, including us. Our At Sea Collection of shirts references our favorite maritime books: Moby Dick, Old Man and the Sea, Life of Pi, Master and Commander, Seawolf, and Nostromo. The powerful characters in these novels overcome impossible obstacles, fearlessly perfect their craft, and for better or worse have strong convictions that leave an impression on others—a pretty impressive feat when you consider that their backdrop is the vast and monotonous sea.

Like the books they’re named after, these shirts are for the brave and bold. They have small point collars and cuffs that are both mitered and convertible, so they can be buttoned, rolled up casually, or dressed up with cufflinks. They’re made from a soft poplin fabric from Tessitura Monti, the famed textile mill of Italy. Because of their classic colors and light fabric, these shirts are versatile and perfect for any season.

The six shirts in this collection were shot near the waterfront in Southwest, Washington, DC.

The Collection

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