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The Collarless Popover

If you only get one shirt 

A brief history of the popover

It was not until the turn of the century that the full-length opening on a shirt, that we wear today, came into style. Before the early 1900s, most dress shirts could not be unbuttoned all the way. The opening of the shirt stopped about half way down the torso. In the 1960s, GANT reintroduced this style as the "popover" into their collection. The popover has three buttons at the top and is cut a touch looser to enable it to be put on or "popped over." 

Popover shirts for warm weather

The Hugh & Crye collarless popover comes in five styles inspired by various mediterranean towns in Italy, Spain, and France. We left out the collar to give the shirt less structure and making it even more comfortable. The soft, washed cotton makes it a perfect garment to wear directly on your skin. The half placket and buttons dress you up enough to wear the collarless popover out to dinner on the mediterranean, as intended.

The Collarless Popover Shirts collection was shot all across America by our Instagram friends and followers, and we appreciate their support!

The Collection