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Inspired by Hokkaido, Japan

We're inspired by the commute and composure of the Japanese businessman. The gentleman sitting serenely at the back of the train, eyes softly closed but senses astute. The commuter on bike, leisurely pedaling through the streets with his tie flying over his shoulder. The lone businessman at the end the bar eating his dinner—glasses off, tie loosened.

Our Washed Cutaways embody the simplicity, textures, and beauty of Japanese design. Featuring a timeless cutaway collar, each shirt has our signature convertible cuffs, which can be buttoned, rolled up, or worn with cufflinks. Other subtle details include contrast sleeve placket bindings and gold thread on the last buttonhole. Each shirt also undergoes an environmentally friendly garment wash that creates a softer, more wearable feel, making it a comfortable choice for both work and play.

The six shirts in this collection were shot in and around Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, NY.

The Collection

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