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A Primer On Barrel Cuffs

The Traditional Choice
Barrel Cuff

The barrel cuff is a very straightforward option, and it is the most common type of cuff seen on men’s dress shirts today. A single, unfolded band of fabric wraps around the wrist, and the corners of the cuff are square. Unfussy and efficient, it is a practical choice that still conveys a touch of sophistication.

At Hugh & Crye, all our barrel cuffs come with two buttons, which allows you to control the snugness of the wrist enclosure. Not too tight, not too loose. It’s just one more option that ensures a truly stellar fit in every regard.

Many of the shirts in our Casual line have barrel cuffs that also happen to be convertible cuffs. That means they work equally well in the office, or out on the town with a pair jeans and a blazer.
See the Barrel Cuff in Action
barrel cuff on a men's cotton dress shirt
Traditonal Barrel Cuff

A simple barrel cuff is the most common cuff found in dress shirts today.

barrel cuff worn with a cufflink on a men's cotton dress shirt
Convertible Barrel Cuff

Many of our barrel cuffs at Hugh & Crye also happen to be convertible cuffs.

rolled up barrel cuff on a men's cotton dress shirt
Buttoned, linked, or Rolled

Buttoned up, worn with a cufflink, or casually rolled up, a barrel cuff always looks clean and crisp.