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A Primer On French Cuffs

The Timeless Classic
French Cuff

The most formal option when it comes to black-tie events or momentous occasions is the French cuff, which is double the length of a standard cuff. That is because the cuff is folded back on itself, and then fastened by cufflinks or silk knots. It is always the most popular option when it comes to tuxedo shirts, but it is just as commonly seen in the boardroom.

Amusingly, the French cuff actually originated in England and wasn’t deemed “French” until it came to America. In the 1930s cufflinks became very popular not only as a fashion accessory, but also as a status symbol when made from luxury materials. Naturally, a cufflink needs a home, so the popularity of the French cuff rose correspondingly.

The Berkley is our most formal, tuxedo shirt and it come with mother-of-pearl buttons, brass collar stays and, of course, formal French cuffs.

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See the French Cuff in Action
French cuffs unfolded

In its natural state a French cuff is twice the length of a regular cuff.

French cuffs folded back
Folded Back

The cuff is folded back on itself which creates a firm, formal look.

French cuffs with cufflink and blazer
Linked and Locked

Your choice of cufflinks can make a very powerful personal statement.