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A Primer On Mitered Cuffs

Clipped at an Angle
Mitered Cuff

A mitered cuff is a variation on a barrel cuff that is identifiable by the corners, which are cut at a 45 degree angle. It’s a small detail that adds a slightly formal touch to an otherwise casual shirt.

At Hugh & Crye, our mitered cuffs all come with two buttons giving you greater flexibility when it comes to the snugness of the wrist enclosure. They also happen to be convertible cuffs with an extra button hole, should you want to wear cufflinks.

Our very popular Silo Oxfords feature cuffs that are both mitered and convertible.
See the Mitered Cuff in Action
Mitered cuffs on a men's dress shirt
An Angled Approach

An alternative to the square-ended barrel cuff, a mitered cuff is cut at a 45 degree angle.

Single needle stitching
Dress Up The Casual

The mitered cuff is a casual option that can be dressed up with a blazer.

Sewn interlining of a dress shirt
A Mitered Classic

All our Silo Oxford shirts feature a mitered cuff, which doubles as a convertible cuff.