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$ 35.00

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Some people quit, others go out on top. The difference is all a matter of attitude. Bjorn Borg was easily the greatest tennis player of his era and arguably of all time. But when he lost to John McEnroe in the 1981 U.S. Open, he decided it was time to hang it up - not because he was no longer any good, but because he was no longer the best. Our Borg shirt is not for quitters or for those content to be average. It is simply a shirt for those who want to be the best at whatever it is they do, for as long as they can. The Borg is part of our spread collar button-down collection of shirts. This one is in a beautiful blue, offset check pattern in honor of Borg's native Sweden. It features a distinctive double-top button, spread collar button-down and convertible cuffs.




Egyptian cotton is a particular variety that is grown in only a few other places. It is renowned as some of the best in the world. It has an extra long staple, which means it has longer fibers, resulting in a silkier, more durable fabric.Poplin, sometimes called broadcloth, is a plain weave which means the threads alternately cross over and then under each other. This results in a very smooth and durable fabric that has an almost silky hand feel, particularly with higher thread counts. Also, poplins look very crisp when ironed.


Hugh & Crye dress shirts use a sizing system based on body types. They're ready-made fitted shirts, designed for lean and athletically built men.We make shirts crafted for the height of your torso (short, average, tall) and your overall build (skinnyslimathletic, or broad). Our shirts aren't made for the masses. They're made for you.James, above, wears Tall/Slim.


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