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A Primer On Rounded Cuff Dress Shirts

The One with the Smooth Edge
Rounded Cuff

A variation on the standard barrel cuff, the rounded cuff is identifiable by – you guessed it – the slightly rounded corners. It’s a simple detail, but because it gives a shirt a more relaxed and casual feel, we like to pair them with our button-down or rounded collars.

But just because this cuff has a relaxed look, that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile. It works perfectly well with a wide variety of jackets and blazers, in the office or at a weekend picnic.

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See the Rounded Cuff in Action
Rounded cuff blue and white check shirt
A Casual Option

A rounded cuff gives off a more casual and relaxed look, as seen here on the Glacier.

Rounded cuff shirt with a blazer
The Rounded Cuff

A variation on the barrel cuff that feels a bit more relaxed, but is perfectly suitable for the office.

Rounded cuff green blue and white plaid shirt
Perfect for Plaids

A rounded cuff was also chosen as the perfect compliment to our National Park Plaids collection.